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The main products are HRB400, HRB500, HRB400E,

HRB500E screw steel, angle steel, Fang Gang and so on

15 years of concentration of iron and steel
HRB400, HRB500, HRB400E, HRB500E rebar, angle steel, Fang Gang.
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Hebei Xuan long steel

rolling Co., Ltd.,


Address: East of lizhao village,fengrun district,tangshan



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Our company was established in 2003, registered

capital of 80 million, fixed assets of more than $600

million. The company is located in Fengrun District of

Tangshan City, Beijing, Tianjin, Tang Jihuan in Bohai

national development strategy, location, adjacent to

the National Road, Beijing, Tianjin, Tang Tang high-

speed Jingtang and Caofeidian, close at hand, near the

Tianjin Xingang highway, railway, port, transportation is

very convenient.


To be the most trusted partner of

our customrt






East of lizhao village,

fengrun district,







Service and support


If you have any questions about our business and services, you can contact us here.




Company covers an area of 180 acres, of which

construction area of 79870 square meters, the existing staff

of 450 people, the management of the number of 48 people,

technical staff of 63 people. College degree or above 80%.

The company in 2010 and obtain the national industrial

products license, and through the logo certification group

ISO9001 quality management system certification, KS

certification in 2015 2012 Korea, our products are adopted

by the MCC product certification (MC).


Our company is a design, production and sales of iron and

steel enterprises. Under the leadership of the company's

wise decision-making and leadership, has made

considerable progress. Through unremitting technological

transformation and actively promote technological progress,

improve the rolling technology, eliminate backward, the

implementation of industrial upgrading, the company's

production equipment to achieve a large-scale, modern. 


From a production line at the beginning of the founding,

development to two workshops, 4 production lines existing;

leading products by HRB400, HRB400E, HRB500,

HRB500E and other varieties of steel and various types of

steel; to achieve an annual production capacity of 2 million

tons; the company adhere to the quality leading, the user

supreme principle and good faith quality the occupation

morals, the pursuit of high quality and high reputation of

products and services. 

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