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The main products are HRB400, HRB500, HRB400E,

HRB500E screw steel, angle steel, Fang Gang and so on

15 years of concentration of iron and steel
HRB400, HRB500, HRB400E, HRB500E rebar, angle steel, Fang Gang.
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- the pursuit of excellence, innovation
1) set the industry's highest level of challenging goals, and go all out to achieve it
2) to create excellent performance, become the industry first, is our responsibility
3 in their respective areas of business innovation, in order to become the industry leader in the trend of the target
4) constantly set higher goals, today's best performance is tomorrow's minimum requirements
Simple and practical
1) simple, direct and efficient communication, the first time reflected to the first party
2, seeking truth from facts, down-to-earth to do specific work, advocating the spirit of hard work
3) to maximize the conservation of resources, improve resource utilization efficiency, eliminate waste, to aintain the cost advantage
- good faith
1) honest and honest, do not harm the interests of the company and others, and take the initiative to curb dishonesty
2. Keep your promise and face the customers, customers, partners and colleagues in a sincere manner
3) provide reliable products and services to customers and customers
- collaboration
1 love and dedication, serious and responsible, have a sense of ownership, with a positive impact on the team
2) in the work of the people, not good at working with different types of colleagues
3) put an end to bureaucracy, make extensive communication before decision making, and resolutely obey the decision
4, give full play to, fully rely on the strength of the team
5) to strengthen cooperation between departments, the Department of resources reasonable exchange, effective use
- Passion
1) love what you do, make your work a hobby and fun
2) never give up, optimistic, positive attitude to face the difficulties and challenges
3 continuous learning, the pursuit of progress, enthusiasm for new technologies, new things